API 5L,AS 2885.1,ISO 3183,EN 10208-1/2,EN 10219,DNV OS-F101,GOST 10704 ERW Pipe

API 5L,AS 2885.1,ISO 3183,EN 10208-1/2,EN 10219,DNV OS-F101,GOST 10704 ERW Pipe

Model No.︰API 5L,AS 1163

Brand Name︰API 5L,AS1163,ISO 3183, EN 10219 HFW Pipe

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 1215 / MT

Minimum Order︰20 MT

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Product Description

Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) Pipe

Strip is unwound from coils and side-trimmed to control width and condition the edges for welding. The strip then passes through a series of contoured rolls which progressively cold-form it into a circular shape. The edges are forced together under pressure and welded by heating the steel to temperatures between 2200° F and 2600° F using copper contacts or coil induction.

Weld flash is removed from the inside and outside surfaces of the newly-formed pipe, and the weld zone is heat treated to ensure homogeneity between the base metal and weld. The weld is subjected to in-line nondestructive testing, and the pipe then passes through a series of sizing rolls to attain its precise finished diameter. It is then straightened and cut to the desired finished length.


Reference Standards:


  • Steel Pipe
  • Line Pipe

API 5L PSL 1,2 & 3,ISO 3183-1,2 & 3, AS 1163,AS 2885.1,CSA Z245.1, DIN 17172, EN 10208-1,2 & 3, DNV OS-F101,EN10217-5

NACE MR 0175/ISO 15156-2,NACE TM 0177,NACE TM 0284

BS 3602-2, BS 6323-7,GOST 10704,IPS-M-PI-190, IGS-MS-PL-001,GOST 20295,GOST R52079,KOC-MP-019,KOC-MS-001,NFA 49-211,NFA 49-411, NRF-001-Pemex-2007

DEP (Non-Sour),DEP (Sour),DEP,DEP, DGS-9510-001, 01-SAMSS-035 and 01-SAMSS-038,TOTAL GS EP PLR 202,TOTAL-GS-PLR-212

  • Structural Pipe

ASTM A252, EN 10219-1/2, AWWA C200, BS 3601-1, DIN 2460


DIN 2470-1 & 2, DIN 17120, DIN 17174,

EN 10217-1/3 EN 10220, EN 10224,EN 10255, EN 10296-1

JIS G 3444, JIS G 3457, JIS 5525,KS D3566, AS 1579

  • Process Pipe

ASTM A134,ASTM A139,ASTM A155, ASTM A671,ASTM A672,ASTM A691,ASME B31.1,ASME B31.3


  • Coating
  • 3 Layer Polyethylene Coating

CSA Z.245.21, DIN 30670,ISO 21809-1, NFA 49-710, AWWA C215

  • 3 Layer Polypropylene Coating

DIN 30678, NFA 49-711

  • Polyurethane Coating

AWWA C222, EN 10290

  • Fusion Bonded Epoxy (Single / Dual layer) Coating

CSA Z 245.20,API RP 5L7, ISO 12944,ISO 21809-2,AWWA C213, AS 3862,NACE SP394

  • Internal Liquid Epoxy Coating

API RP5L 2, AWWA C210,EN10289, EN 10290, EN 10301,ISO 15741,NFA 49-709

  • Concrete Weight Coating

ISO 21809-5, DNV-OS-F101

  • Exterior Coal-Tar/Asphalt Enamel Coating

AWWA C203,

  • Internal Cement Mortar or Cement Mortar Coating Additive

AWWA C205, DIN 2614, BS 534

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