ASTM A595,DIN 4131,BS 8100,JIS G3444 Telecommunication Monopile,Antenna pole

ASTM A595,DIN 4131,BS 8100,JIS G3444 Telecommunication Monopile,Antenna pole

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Product Description

~The latest editions of the standards, codes of practice and publications listed below are being applied to the steel works:
•TIA/EIA–222-F and TIA/EIA–222-G: Structural standards for steel antenna poles and antenna supporting structures.
•DIN 4131: Antenna towers – Monopoles.
•BSI CP 3: Code of basic data for the design of buildings
•BS 8100: Lattice towers and masts
•BS 449 Part 2: Specification for the use of structural steel in building
•DIN 18800: Structural steelwork


Antenna Load

For tendering purpose poles are classified in six main groups. This distinction is based on different antenna load, expressed in “Equivalent Antenna Area”, EAA*.

Antenna carrier classification and standard heights

** Variable length intervals are used in production of Monopoles. 5m for SS Towers up to 50m, and 10m for SS towers from 60m or more heights. Other heights are available upon request.


Monopole Manufacturing

Computer-aided plasma and oxycutting allow instant changes to be made to the dimensional characteristics of shaft trapezium, base plate and flange plate. Sheets for shafts are selected according to galvanization standard EN ISO 1461, ASTM A 123, ASTMA A 153. Certification data concerning mechanical and chemical sheet characteristics may be provided upon request.


Plates are bent to realize shafts with a maximum length 13 m and 6, 8, 12, 16, 18 etc. sides.

Longitudinal Welding

Longitudinal welds in steel pole sections should be free of cracks and undercutting and are performed with automatic processes. Quality of welds are assured by visual inspection. Longitudinal welds in the female section of the lap splice which should have 100% penetration, have their quality being assured by ultrasonic inspection.

Flange and Base Plate Welding

For monopole masts: The base plate telescopes the pole shaft and is circumferentially welded at top and bottom. The pole shaft is posed onto the base plate and welded fully penetrating with a back up bar. The quality of this welding is assured by ultrasonic inspection.


All handling, packing, storage and shipment of the steel work are carried out diligently and carefully to reduce the risk of damage to the articles and zinc coating to a minimum.

The steel work is packed in bundles containing articles in accordance with the prepared packing lists.

The parcels are bundled with polyester bands of suitable strength which are evenly distributed along the length of the parcels.

The galvanized items are stacked such that water and moisture can run off them and the surfaces are able to dry out.


Standard Supply

The antenna towers and poles are supplied with the following standard accessories and services :
•All structural members and connection material for on site assembly including anchor bolts
•Access ladders with safety cage or Fall arrest safety system
•Step bolts or Rungs
•Rest platforms (for SS Towers) along the climbing ladder
•Work platform at top level of the structure
•Lightning rod at top of the structure, made of galvanized steel. Down conductor can be used as per specification.
•Earthing kits
•Obstruction Lighting
•Ice Shields

GUYED TOWER - Specific Application -

A lattice type steel structure, with three or four main legs, with horizontal and diagonal bracings, kept in position by guy wires. The structure is comprised of either square or triangular cross sections. All connections are bolted; base plates under main legs are shop welded. Materials are of hot dipped galvanized angular or tubular steel sections. Guy wires are of galvanized steel strands.


Monopoles are polygonal sectioned and hot dip galvanized hollow steel structures. All accessories for on site assembly are bolted, consequent body sections are either slip jointed or bolted, base plates, flanges and accessories are shop welded to the sections.

Monopole With Circular Crown and Platform

This New design has four major advantages:
•Pipe mounts can be distributed onto 360º
•Geometry of anchor bolts can easily be verified
•The desired direction can easily be found
•Up to 3.5 m diameter, the platform is integrated to give a quicker installation

Monopole with Antenna Pipe Mounts

Lighting and communication monopole with antenna pipe mounts.

Monopole with Triangular Platform

A triangular rotatable antenna platform which mounts to the top of monopoles accommodates three ship antennas at its corners at 120º. The platform is easily rotatable and secured at any desired direction.

Additional Structures

Earthing equipments and lightning conductor.

•Cable support entries
•Cable support door
•Cable support entries with bridge bearer
•Cable support may exit on the top or on the side
•Exterior cable support

Poles studies and realizes all kinds of cable supports.


Poles produces all monopoles with;
•Ladder with safety rail and belt
•Ladder with safety cable and belt
•Rungs with safety cable and belt
•Rest platform if necessary
•Crinoline ladder with rest platform or maintenance platform
•Anti-intrusion hinged or screwed panels for access with ladder and safety cable or rail


This safety system is mountable to all towers, monopoles, and access ladders.

Fall Arrestor
•Locking brake pawl attaches to climber’s harness
•Moves freely along the Safety Rail with climber in normal climbing position
•Falls are instantly arrested when a sudden downward motion is applied to the fall arrestor
•In case of a slip, fall arrestor brakes remain locked until the force is removed
•Fall arrestor remains stationary once disconnected from the harness

Safety Rail
•Installation is quick and easy, to anywhere on the tower leg, and adaptable to most structures
•Available in standard 20’ sections, as well as in smaller pieces


The pole is realized with a galvanized steel shaft and painting for camouflage and decorative purposes.

Telecommunication poles are available for;

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