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Product Description

  • Tanks & Vessels

Computer control winding FRP Tanks & Vessels with light weight, high strength, chemical resistance, seepage proofing, insulation, non-toxic and smooth surface characteristics. Wounded with high tension, multi-level, multi-angle, to meet requirement of storage, transfer and production. Widely used in chemical, petroleum, paper, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, packaging and transportation field. Applicable to all kinds of acid, alkali, salt and organic solvent corrosion environment. Adopted food grade resin, the product is hygienically safe without poison or smell and had got the hygienically certificate to ensure the hygienically standard of the product.

I. FRP Tanks & Vessels Specifications:

  Diameter: DN600-DN25000mm;

  Volume: 1-5000 cubic meters;

Ⅱ. FRP Tanks & Vessels Applications:
  Chemical vessel; Acid tank; Alkali tank; Brink Tank; Sewage tank; Insulation tank; Jacket tank; Agitating tank; Fermentation tank; Water seal tank; Ion exchanger; Separator; Food grade FRP tank; FRP/PVC tank; FRP/PP tank.

Ⅲ. FRP Tanks & Vessels Standards:

  ASTM D3299 Specification for Filament-Wound Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoset Resin Chemical-Resistant Tanks

  ASTM D4097 Standard Specification for Contact-Molded Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Thermosetting Resin Corrosion-Resistant Tanks

  ASME/ANSI RTP-1 Reinforced Thermosetting Plastic Corrosion Resistant Equipment

  • Corrosion-Resistant Tank

With the proper material selection, FRP Corrosion-Resistant Tank can provide long term corrosion resistance and low maintenance costs and be designed according to the needs of each client or project. FRP Corrosion-Resistant Tanks are automatically controlled by computer.

I. FRP Corrosion-resistant Tank Specifications:

  Vertical Tank: Diameter DN600-DN4000mm; Volume 1-160(m³);

  Horizontal Tank: Diameter DN1000-DN3600mm; Volume 1-120(m³);

Ⅱ. FRP Corrosion-resistant Tank Standards:

  ASTM D3299 Standard Specification for Filament-Wound Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Thermoset Resin Corrosion-Resistant Tanks

  ASTM D4021 Standard Specification Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Polyester Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks

  ASME RTP-1 Reinforced Thermosetting Plastic Corrosion Resistant Equipment

  • Large-Scaled Tank

Due to transport limit for more than 4 meters Diameter large FRP tank, it can only use the way of on-site winding, which shipped the production equipment directly to the customer's plant to fabricate and install, without the worry of transport, and easy to supervise the quality and duration.

I. Large-scaled FRP Tank Characters:

  Manufacturing equipment with small size, can produce large diameter tank, the maximum diameter can be 25m.

  Advanced production technology, precise microcomputer control;

  Continuous fiber glass spiral and hoop wound, reasonable structure, the overall shear, bending and other with high mechanical strength, creep resistance, anti-wind and anti- seismic capability;

  Integral construction has good corrosion resistance and impermeability.

Ⅱ. Large-scaled FRP Tank Applications:

  Petrochemical, pharmaceutical and electronics, metallurgy, environmental protection, food brewing, and other corrosion-resistant applications.

Ⅲ. Large-scaled FRP Tank Specifications:

  Diameter: DN4000- DN25000 (mm);

  Height: ≤16 meters;

  Volume: 75-5000 cubic meters;

Ⅵ. Large-scaled FRP Tank Standards:

  ASTM D3299 Specification for Filament-Wound Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoset Resin Chemical-Resistant Tanks

  HG/T3983-2007 Chemical resistant FRP wound large vessel on site

  • FRP Tower

FRP Tower (Desulfurization tower, Absorption tower, Purification tower, Washing tower, Drying tower, Deodorization tower, Venturi Scrubber, etc.) because of its high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long life and other advantages, mainly used in power plant flue gas desulfurization and denitration processing system, metallurgy, petrochemical, electronics, pharmaceutical, textile and other areas of environmental protection.
I. FRP tower Characters:

  FRP towers using computer control horizontal filament winding process. Horizontal filament winding technology features: molding process is parallel to the ground.

  The overall shape: cylinder overall winding (including head), no structural wall joints, cylinder axial stress, hoop stress distributes reasonable and uniform, good overall performance, high strength, no stress concentration area, long service life.

  Resin content uniformity: In the winding process, the device horizontally place, rotating, will not be dripping resin, the resin content will not uneven.

  Reasonable structure: the use of steel mandrel and liner jet molding, have high resin content, smooth inner surface, no capillary; structure wall use spiral hoop and cross winding, resin content is 35 ± 5%; outer protective wall is smooth and color is uniform.

  Good carrying capacity for head: the cylinder and the head are overall strengthening, formed bud type wrapping, the wind load, snow load and operating load capacity of head is great.

Ⅱ. FRP tower specifications:

  Diameter: DN1000-DN10000mm;

  Height: Up to 20m;

  Diameter: Up to 15m;

Ⅲ. FRP tower Standards:

  ASTM D3299 Standard Specification for Filament-Wound Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Thermoset Resin Corrosion-Resistant Tanks

  ASME/ANSI RTP-1 Reinforced Thermosetting Plastic Corrosion Resistant Equipment

  BS 4994 Specification for the design and construction of vessels and storage tanks in reinforced plastics

  • Non-Standard Equipment

Non-Standard FRP Equipment can be provided different type according to the needs of customer. Make full use of fiberglass reinforced resin molding process (injection, winding, pultrusion, vacuum infusion and hand lay-up, etc.), we developed a series of non-standard FRP equipment, such as special-shaped, oval or square storage tanks, pressure vessels, special equipment, smelting, Chemical and water treatment complete sets of equipment and so on.

I. Non-standard FRP equipment Characters:

  Corrosion resistance, long life, high strength, light weight, easy install and transport;

Ⅱ. Non-standard FRP equipment Applications:

  Reactor, agitator, insulation jacketed tank, ion exchange column, cabin reactor, electro bath, trap, seal tank, stirring tank, cyclone separator, oleic separator, anode tube, defogger, arched and tapered slot cover, etc.

  • Fan Stack

FRP Fan Stack is applied with water-resistance resin and high quality fiberglass reinforcement. With good moisture, high gel, high strength, spray the gel-coat on FRP parts by machine and is formed by heating up. The surface of Fan Stack Model is as smooth as mirror and could resist ultraviolet radiation. Also it is colorfast and durable.

FRP Fan Stack Characters: Excellent corrosion resistance, Light and stable structure,Free maintenance and long lifespan,Short period of manufacturing and construction,Can be dismantled for relocation.


Specifications︰ Pipe Flanges
Stainless Steel 304 Flanges
Stainless Steel 304L Flanges
Stainless Steel 304H Flanges
Stainless Steel 310 / 310S Flanges
Stainless Steel 316 Flanges
Stainless Steel 316L Flanges
Stainless Steel 316H Flanges
Stainless Steel 317 Flanges
Stainless Steel 317L Flanges
Stainless Steel 321 Flanges
Stainless Steel 321H Flanges
Stainless Steel 347 Flanges
Stainless Steel 347H Flanges
Stainless Steel 446 Flanges

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