G2LNG Upstream Project-MTO 3

On Novembver 11,2011, Metals International Limited was awarded the 3rd order to supply the steel pipe package with the size from 60.3(2") to 914.4mm(36") and thickness from 2.77mm to 69mm(sch 10-XXS) for GLNG Upstream Project, and also this is the 3rd order awarded to Metals International Limited for the supply of the pipes to Australia after successful performance of QCLNG Pipeline Project and Lilydale LNG Project.

Metals International Limited Vice President Hoffman Fang stated, "We are delighted to have been awarded this high profile project, which we take to be both a statement of our Client's confidence in our ability to deliver strategic projects of this nature and the commencement of what we hope will be a significant and long-term relationship with Santos that will drive mutual benefits to our businesses and build upon our presence and future capability in Australia."