Quality - Policy

Metals International Limited Managers, Engineers and Workforce are committed to being the best marine and Engineering Design and Consultancy serving the Oil and Gas Sector.

In order to achieve and maintain this reputation, Metals International Limited has implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with BS.EN ISO 9001: 2000 to ensure that all projects and services are executed to the complete satisfaction of the Client and in full compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements.

Quality is the responsibility of all personnel who are employed by Metals International Limited and the Quality Management System is totally reliant upon the individual attitude and expertise of everyone in the company.

The principal tool to ensure that continuous improvement in each project execution is the Metals International Limited Quality Management System achieved by skill
application and expertise from all the employee and subcontractors.

We will:

• Continually assess and satisfy the requirements of our clients.
• Offer value for money.
• Demonstrate continual improvement.
• Achieve and Maintain Leadership image and status in relative fields of operation.
• Provide client satisfaction in everything we do.

Quality - Management System

The Quality Assurance department has independent authority to identify and evaluate problems; provide/recommend/request solutions; and to verify the implementation of corrective or preventative actions. It is a corporate function and separate from operational departments, allowing objectivity in the development, interpretation and implementation of quality requirements and associated verification schemes where this need arises.
All managers are responsible and accountable for the performance of their respective departments and/or personnel in accordance with the overall company policy and quality objectives of the Quality Management System that apply to activities they control. This however does not detract from the more important conviction in Metals International Limited, which is that all individuals share in a common responsibility for product and service quality. The view that quality is the sole responsibility of the Quality Assurance department or any one other department is not acceptable within Metals International Limited.

The principal role of the Quality Assurance department therefore, is to assist all processes in achieving the objectives of the company in a cost effective manner.

Formal communications relating to corporate policy on quality matters and the development of the company's Quality Management System are between the Company Directors, the General / Divisional Managers and the Quality Assurance Manager. Communications relating to the coordination, direction and implementation of the company's Quality Management System are between the Quality Assurance Manager and the appropriate departmental or project managers. The individual assigned to the position of Quality Assurance Manager is the authorised Management Representative of the company in all matters related to Quality.

The Quality Policy and associated Management System are constantly under scrutiny by our managers and Quality Assurance personnel to ensure it is effective and efficient for the work in hand. Changes can be, and are, made to the system on an ongoing basis where benefits to both Metals International Limited and their customers can be established to the quality of the work or services. All employees are encouraged to take an active role in the improvement process. ”Suggestions to Improve” forms are freely available and can be used to transmit ideas for increased efficiency to the management.

Throughout the year, audits are undertaken on selected parts of the system to verify the procedures. Results of all audits will be presented in management review meeting.

All quality related documents, i.e. Quality Management System Manual, Quality System Procedure, Work Instruction, Design Documents, Formats etc. should be prepared by the concerned Dept. Head, and approved by Director prior to issue.

The approved Quality related documents are to be issued with ‘Controlled Copy’ stamp in red colour, and should be signed by the recipient in the Document Issue and Retrieval Record

The uncontrolled copy shall be issued to customer, sales representatives for reference purpose with “uncontrolled copy” stamped in Blue colour which need not be retrieved.

The Document Issue and Retrieval Register shall be maintained and updated by the Management Representative.

The Document Issue And Retrieval record shall contain the document description, document number, issue number, revision status, date of issue or retrieval, to whom issued etc. It should be maintained by the Management Representative.

Each department head is responsible for ensuring the Copies/current issue of appropriate document in their area.

Master copy of all documents shall be available with Management Representative.